Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ghoul School Teaser

Update #2: School'd

Posted about 1 hour ago
We've been shooting non-stop (-ish) for the past 3 weeks, and it's been... a little intense. 
Today we're very proud to give you a first look at the film.
Enjoy Greg's three facial expressions.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

T O R N A D O Nest

When you live in Missouri you have a tornado plan. 
Here is our safe spot. 
It is luvvly jubbly super cozy.

Ta, xo J

POLLIWOG PROJECT thanks Joyce Wilson, Marlee and Charlie

The Springfield Missouri Downtown YMCA would like to say T H A N K  Y O U to M.S.U.
Construction Professor for her HUGE donation of swim trunks made by her students.
We also want to say "YOU ARE ROCK STARS" Marlee Hawes and Charlie Ryals for coordinating the donation and remaining loyal to the project while they study design at M.S.U.

Ta, xo J

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am O V E R T H E M O O N about my sandal boot shoes.
I found these at a vintage store in Kansas City for $3.00.

After using my ice pick, utility knife, razor blade and sand paper on them I put them on and ran through the house.
With old and ugly S E N I O R feet...I seldom wear sandals. These have air holes and feel super comfy and luvvly jubbly.
I want to make some more sandals out of my canvas slip ons next.
I am so P U M P E D about repurposing left behind items.

Ta, xo J

Adding 2 pillows to my new collection

This is an ordinary old pillow. What makies it more memorable is that I slashed it with a box cutter and inserted brown vintage sweater wool behind the openings to give it more personality.

In simple...I adore vintage terry cloth towels. This towel I ripped and frayed the edges and glued it to the surface of a canvas pillow I had thrown away. I fished it out of the trash and resurrected it. It now LIVES.

Ta, xo J

Thank you besties

Thank you so much for all the friends that have checked on us during the recent tornado devestation.
We were not hit but our hearts go out to those that were. It is so nice to be thought about. xxoo

We had a blooming B L A S T in Kansas City bringing in Bob's 60th birthday.

Favorite moments:

1. Our picnic in our was ice cold and 33 degrees outside.
2. The Rodin exhibit at The Nelson.
3. Getting new pale blue jeans at Anthrogologie.
4. Coffee shop stops constantly.
5. Coming home to our cozy house with lots of cool stuff to remember.

Happy B DAY B O B!

Ta, xo J

Friday, March 2, 2012

B I R T H D A Y # 6 0

If your luvvly jubbly hubby turns 60 take him on a romantic wicked picnic in a cool city.

Don't forget...the  P I L L O W S...... or a comfy vintage table cloth for napping. Throw in a vintage umbrella in case in rains. 

These I made from tarp canvas (rubbed with oil paint) and a needlepoint I found at a thrifty.

Try using a vintage hat box for your wine and   t   a   l    l   French bread in addition to cheese, grapes,  finger foods, Bob's your uncle.
Bring a vintage clip board to rest your wine goblets on. Take your good ones. You only live once.

Ta, xo J