Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ART scrap book for Ann

Even when a gift project gets funky and you are not feeling sure about it.... go ahead and give it to the bestie because it is all about the love and thought that goes into a gift.

Try using organic parchment baking/cooking bags to create a pocket art storage book. 
The bags I used are 14 1/2"x 8".
I used the closed edge of the set of bags (approx. 8) to punch holes and then thread 2 old knitting needles
to create the "book". The open ends of the bags are available to slip artwork into for storage. 
I inserted stiff cardboard into the cover bag and the back bag in the book to help it have more stability. I secured the ends of these 2 bags with a simple strip of red tape.
A simple casual leather strap is used as a "wrap" to keep the contents in the pockets.
This piece has many flaws but I am happy to forgive (it!) and let it be given as a love gift.

Ta, xo J

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