Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have been loving ladybugs since I was 16 years old

Today was one of those luvvy jubbly sunny days where you get to share coffee with a bestie and wear a vintage Ladybug blouse.

In Corvallis, Oregon (where I was born and raised as Julie Worthington) there was a smashing little shop on a corner named........can't remember. I would window shop there and maybe 2 times a year I would get to buy a blouse.
I was over the moon over the Ladybug clothing line.
When I found this blouse recently it took me back to age 16.

There was always a wicked little label that you would right your name on (in case when you "traded clothes" with a would get it back).

Since I had ladybugs on the brain, I must have created a wood cut design in ART class and printed 12 copies of it in November of 1966.
My mother loved ladybugs too. One afternoon I found her (age 76) sitting in a chair at her bedroom window with the sun bathing her face as she watched the ladybugs dance in the sill.

Nice memories.

Ta, xo J


  1. I once went to a park and saw an infestation of them. Infestation is such a harsh word for the ladybug...I like to think of it as a blooming of ladybugs! It was wonderful and wild!

  2. Those old labels on clothes are the best! Brings back the memories! Love the story of your Mom watching the lady bugs! Made me smile!!!
    Your hair looks great!!
    Cathy G