Monday, February 27, 2012

A B E S T I E party means spruce up the dining room!

Find old luvvly jubbly books and strip them of their pages. Use the pages as packing for shipping, drawer lining, shelf paper, notes written with a bold permanent marker or baking sheets.
Lay the book covers on your table and feel safe and clever when you place hot dishes and wet glasses on your table to save it's wood  finish.

If you have a cabinet that holds dishes and you you don't like using it for that tape old L.P. record brown paper slips in a modern pattern on the glass doors. You can peek through the pattern and reveal rocks, fossils and wood branches that you D O enjoy displaying in your cabinet.

Stand back and enjoy the look of your party room and get the umbrellas for your drinks ready and have a luvvly jubbly party as you enjoy your besties and laugh your ass off.

Ta, xo J

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