Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MY NEW SOCKS!!!.....absolutely adore them

Other completed crafty projects are..........

Knitted socks done and ready for a walk.

From Dulcy's knitting needles to  my L U C K Y feet! I love my birthday socks!

Another luvvly jubbly birthday gift was an unfinished hand knit tank sweater that one of my besties gifted me. I cut it up and hobo stitched a tank silhoutte on the front of a long sleeved T. I used a close match yarn to cinch in the shape and create a rouching detail. 
I adore this HOBO sweater!!

Ta, xo J

I love my birthday!

My brother sent me this note! LOVE IT!!!

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Abby who?
Abby birthday.

i xo u

have a fun day


Monday, January 30, 2012

It is not polite to show your underwear...but.....

These I made out of a vintage dress that I cut the maxi length off of. The edges are raw and it was a 5 minute construction. Easy peasy.

These are made from a thrifty cashmere sweater. I lined the crotch out of cotton. They are VERY soft and luvvly jubbly.

These are cashmere waistband with silk (from a thrifty dress) pant-eeeee portion.

I am not telling which pair I am wearing today!!!

Ta, xo J

Being a copy cat.

When I saw this adorable top on the 2012 Oscar nomination announcements I fell in love with it.

Here is my interpretation of it. I am wearing it today on my warm weather  bestie lunch.

Happy day to you what ever your weather!

Ta, xo J

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday party rings

A dozen rings are flying off to Seattle for Aunt Nonie's 98th birthday party. 80 years with some of her besties will make it a luvvly jubbly affair!

Ta, xo J

Friday, January 27, 2012


The first swimsuit for the project.

Rather than stating a size I decided to provide measurements to be more precise on the fit. Obviously preloved swimsuits have shrunk or stretched so they change in size.

I can't wait for a new home for these trunks!

Ta, xo J

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bluey purple fav tights rescued

I was gutted when I got a ladder (run) in my fav luvvly jubbly tights. I decided to sew a double pointed dart and scoop up the run inside it. It worked beautifully! If you want to try this use a tight stitch. If you like things symmetrical, repeat the dart in the same location on the other leg.

I am over the moon that I can wear my tights to a birthday lunch my friend is throwing me tomorrow.


Ta, xo J

I adore Debra Rapoport's view of living.

"Being an artist continues to be
            a ceremony
            a ritual
            a process of play
It's daily
It's creating living changing sculpture
It's applied to those things closest and most basic to me
Its form is packaging
I want to speak of contemporary life
               to recognize its technology
               its abundance
               its variety
I want to appreciate and respect the mundane
                the familiar aspects of life
                in order to create the unique
What I do documents this energy."

Debra Rapoport

Ta, xo J

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 minute bath mat.

We are having company this week end. I layered some vintage towels and a wool remnant to create a luvvly jubbly quickie shower rug for downstairs.
If you like things more constructed you could do a simple quilt stitch to keep the towels more connected. I like things easy peasy and ready to throw in the laundry basket.

Ta, xo J


Hello Jubblers,
On January 31, 2012 (my 62nd birthday) I am launching my POLLIWOG PROJECT.

I have been swimming at the Y for a few months now. I love it when the little children arrive at the pool to play and have some "forget my life" time to laugh and splash. My main observation has been that everyone is the same in a body of water like a pool or a lake. Handicaps, body deformaties, birth marks, extra fat, bad hair, varicose veins, bad swim suits and other insecurites disappear in the water. 
I have observed that some of the kiddos have suits that are old (in a bad way...fabric thin and discolored) don't fit and are not really even swim suits.
I would hope that every child could have a suit that they feel good in and are proud to wear to the pool or lake.
This is where POLLIWOG PROJECT entered the scene.

My personal goal is to have a swimsuit drive to collect preloved suits that can be passed on to new homes. Do you have swimsuits that your kiddos have out grown or no longer wear? They can need mending, elastic replaced, restyling, new straps or buttons, rips, stains, hobo wear, etc, etc. We need suits for boys and girls in all sizes. No suit will be turned away!!
After I restyle the suit and make it luvvly jubbly kid ready I will tag it, wrap it in tissue and bag it to present to a SMILING, SMASHING, ROCKSTAR kid!

You can check my blog to see how your suit has been reincarnated. I plan to do a photo diary of all the suits.

If you have a swim suit (or suits) to donate here is how to do it:

Please send (a padded envelope works great) suits to:

c/o J. Linder
5756 E. Catalpa Street
Springfield, Mo. 65809

417 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO. 65806

Drop them off at the front desk (they are VERY NICE...a smiling sweet luvvly jubbly person will LOVE to take your suits!) at the YMCA  417 S. Jefferson Street, downtown Springfield Mo. There is drop off parking on Jefferson...look for the red awning.

If you have any questions about POLLIWOG PROJECT please contact:

 J Linder:   jlinder1@mac.com


Mary Kromrey
Associate Executive Director
Downtown YMCA & Childcare
417 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO. 65806

P. 417 862 8962
F. 417 862 4004

E. mkromrey@yourdowntownymca.org

Ta, xo J


I have started my HOBO clogging! These clogs will be graduation gifts for little besties. Find old clogs at thrifty stores and use a waterproof glue and start piling on the hobo patches. Be sure to find a nice location for 2012 label so you can celebrate the graduates special year (even if in is on the shoe bottom using a perm marker...be certain it is a spot where it doesn't make contact with the earth!).

Ta, xo J

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wearing my H O B O boots today.

Ta, xo J

H O B O bracelets.

Below are some of the HOBO bracelets I am making to share with friends and family. 
If you want to make some just grab some scraps of heavier wool, canvas, knitted pieces, etc. Start hobo stitching and after you have layered your fabrics on top of each other, take a wire brush and scrub to blend the fibers in a "felting" type manner. If it doesn't look shabby enough, boil your bracelets in water on the stove and throw them in the clothes dryer with heavy towels and a pair of tennis shoes. If the bracelet does not feel heavy enough, thread some interesting wire through it.

Have fun making your luvvly jubbly bracelets.....maybe for Valentines Day?

Ta, xo J

Sunday, January 22, 2012

PHI MU wool blanket and Bob's shoes.

I bought this blanket at Salvation Army last week. I waited a week for it to be marked 75% off. Yippee!

I created a wrap skirt, some hobo bracelets and rings and I recovered my Bob's canvas shoes (they had stretched toooo big and I couldn't wear them)...all with the Phi Mu blankie!

I designed a tight, warm and cozy wrap (using the wool for the wrap strap) style boot-ee that fits luvvly jubbly.
I used a curved needle and some heavy thread I had on hand. Cut pieces and begin patching them onto the canvas. Try it on as you go to ensure ease in putting the boot-ee on....I have made the opening too small before and couldn't stuff my big foot into the shoe (like Cinderella's step-sisters).

Email or comment if you have any questions. xo

Ta, xo J

Me...the control freak.

After vainly fretting about my hair I took scissors and hair dye into my own hands (1 1/2 hours after leaving the hair shop chair) and cut and color toned my hair myself. I am such a control freak. I don't know if it looks better but I LOVE it now.
Next project......what plants/flowers/herbs can one use for hair dye? Maybe my luvvly jubbly beets.
Wow...I need to have something else to worry about!

Ta, xo J

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too itchy, too small, don't like it...donating it.

Hello Jubblers,

It has been a winter where it will be 11 degrees out in the morning and 46 at noon.
I modified my closet today.

When I dress in the morning the swimsuit goes on under everything.
Next it is tights. Then maybe jeans or men's trousers. Then a skirt if it is real cold. I think wool skirts are so warm over pants and easy to shed by noon. On top it is an undershirt and then a cardigan. I am in a rut but I always feel prepared and luvvly jubbly as I peel off my clothes through the day.

I edited my closet of itchy/too small/don't like items. I will take the BPB full of stuff to the Clothing Bank for our public schools.

Here are some snaps of my closet. Please leave this post now if it sounds boring...I don't mind at all!

Here is my donation pile. Call me if you see something you want before I take it this afternoon! xo

BTW.....this is my spring, summer, fall, winter closet.

Four skirts.

Six dresses.

Four belts.
Three purses.
One swimming bag.

Four sweaters (2 men's/2 women's).
One shirt (men's).

You have seen the shoes.

Here is my guilty pleasure. 4 hangers with oven bags full of tights (hobo and summer weight). I am not revealing the number of pairs I own.  I wear tights all year round. One pink vinny bra and one pink vinny slip also. xo

My Dad and a Jane Troupe fox in the closet with me.

I do have swim suits, jeans, men's pants, tshirts, tanks, socks, bob's your uncle that I store in 2 drawers in my bathroom.
Also my coats are in a coat closet.

Do you love and wear everything in your closet?

Ta, xo J

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WARNING: Proud mother.....part 2.


Ghoul Schoolby Brook Linder

Two students break into their high school to steal an exam, only to incur the wrath of the spirit of an ex-principal. Terror ensues.

Ta, xo J

WARNING: Proud mother.

Ty makes a guitar!

Ta, xo J

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 pairs of shoes

One of the many things I love about my creative art/sewing class with 10 year old home schoolers is how they keep me honest.
As a leader and hopefully a role model when one of my students asked me, "how many pairs of shoes do you have?'.....I was able to answer honestly...ten!
I took this photo of them (2 pair are heels in storage that I seldom wear).
Since I absolutely ADORE every single pair I have them out on a vintage creeper in my work room.
To be completely honest about this...I will buy a pair of flip flops in June at Target for $2.99.
That will make it eleven unless I move one pair on. I like even numbers.

Ta, xo J

Black bean soup.

After an amazing day hiking and snooping around the country on the land of some good friends we planned to share an old fashioned dinner of black beans.
I was craving beets (not to eat but to dye linen with) so we stopped for them and headed home.
I could not help but use these luvvly specimens for our table decor. Now I can't cook them to make beet ink dye for awhile because I have fallen in love with them.

Luvvly hubby created this fab soup. What a smashing Monday for sure!

Ta, xo J