Monday, January 23, 2012

H O B O bracelets.

Below are some of the HOBO bracelets I am making to share with friends and family. 
If you want to make some just grab some scraps of heavier wool, canvas, knitted pieces, etc. Start hobo stitching and after you have layered your fabrics on top of each other, take a wire brush and scrub to blend the fibers in a "felting" type manner. If it doesn't look shabby enough, boil your bracelets in water on the stove and throw them in the clothes dryer with heavy towels and a pair of tennis shoes. If the bracelet does not feel heavy enough, thread some interesting wire through it.

Have fun making your luvvly jubbly bracelets.....maybe for Valentines Day?

Ta, xo J

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  1. I love that braid-y with the green and the lavender one with flowers! So cute :D