Thursday, January 12, 2012

A snowy day is perfect for girl besties and cupcakes.

I got up early this morning to do a test bake of cupcakes for my afternoon girl power party at my house.

I found my recipe on one of my favorite blogs A BEAUTIFUL MESS.  Elsie Larson is a rock star. I am proud to live in the same town with her and be able to visit her LUVVLY shop, RED VELVET. If you don't know about her, you will find her all over the world, in your favorite magazines, everywhere!

These are Elsie's L U V V L Y cupcakes that she sells in her shop and blogs about to help us make them.
They are POSH!!

I am not at home in the kitchen but I make it fun by finding little things that help me relax.

1. I use Brook's silver baby cup (22 years old) as my flour scoop.
2. I store my flour in a brown paper bag.
3 I don't use measuring spoons. My vintage small and bigger spoons are close enough to tea spoons and table spoons.

I like to mix it up with different homes for the cupcake batter.

1. NYT.
2. Maps.
3. Brown paper bag.
4. Pink handmade paper.
5. Fruit jar.

Always line the foreign papers with healthy baking parchment.

Spray with Pam.

The one I selected as my fav for today's party......the fruit jar!
Scoop out the rounded top of the jar cake.

After I bake my cake jars and let them cool I will scoop out, top with organic yogurt and fresh blueberries.

I love having besties over on a snowy day.

Ta, xo J


  1. I LOVE the idea of baking these in the jar! Never ever ever would have thought of that. I'm going to make these!!


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