Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Parachute curtains in 10 minutes or less.

S U N N Y at my work station.
I love sunny rooms but not blinding light.
Winter sun brings light in my face that was just too much.
I robbed pieces from my parachute window covers in my workroom.

I love a NO CURTAIN window but put this system up this morning in about 10 minutes.

Using a fairly heavy gage wire (no needle needed) I threaded it thru the top frayed edge of the fabric.
Next step is securing the wire ends on left and right side of the window frame. I uses a staple gun (much to my luvvly hubby's dismay).

This view is over my kitchen sink.
Don't feel like the curtain needs to be the entire width of your window. It needs to be wide enough to provide sun protection and privacy if you need it.
I think this smashing window treatment would be perfect for a dorm window or a room divider.

Luvvly jubbly.

Stay tuned for my next parachute project. It involves finger puppets that are very S C A R Y......(ghouls).
Hint:   Ghoul School

Ta, xo J

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