Sunday, January 8, 2012

R I T of my besties.

I am almost ashamed to talk about using my ordinary washing machine with a box of JoAnn's RIT dye to change the color of fabrics.
There are so many rock star blogger besties that REALLY dye wool and yarn with authentic techniques that are organic and blooming awesome.
Oh well.

Below is a sweater that my bestie recreated using tea bags to alter the white to tea stained off white, hobo appliques and morphing 2 sweaters together. I think it is luvvly jubbly.

This bestie asked me to put a little something with it to make it more posh and party going ready.

S I M P L E.
RIT dye.
My goal was to allow her fabulous work to shine. My guess was that making the hobo patches and other details of the new sweater have a slightly additional connection with eachother was what it needed. Dying the wool, cotton and other blends pink gave everything a boost of perk in color. I loved the sweater before and I am blooming mad about it now too.

When you dye a garment and suspect that it may move on to another home, create a laundry label. This prevents pink under wear and t-shirts in it's new home.

Have fun with dye. I use it places I shouldn't but everybody gets over it.

Ta, xo J


  1. I can't wait to see this little number in person! LOVE the washing label..... That color is so yummy. It makes me think of sherbert. You are such a sweetie to do this for me! I have many luvvly jubbly rings for you.


  2. Love the washing label!!! I got a hand-dyed silk scarf for Christmas.....that has me making me want to make some of those, as well as some sweaters!

  3. Gorgeous! I think any old way we can dye up wool and fabric is awesome! For me, dyeing is the fantastic combo of crafting and cooking...what's better than that? I love this sweater!