Sunday, January 22, 2012

PHI MU wool blanket and Bob's shoes.

I bought this blanket at Salvation Army last week. I waited a week for it to be marked 75% off. Yippee!

I created a wrap skirt, some hobo bracelets and rings and I recovered my Bob's canvas shoes (they had stretched toooo big and I couldn't wear them)...all with the Phi Mu blankie!

I designed a tight, warm and cozy wrap (using the wool for the wrap strap) style boot-ee that fits luvvly jubbly.
I used a curved needle and some heavy thread I had on hand. Cut pieces and begin patching them onto the canvas. Try it on as you go to ensure ease in putting the boot-ee on....I have made the opening too small before and couldn't stuff my big foot into the shoe (like Cinderella's step-sisters).

Email or comment if you have any questions. xo

Ta, xo J

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