Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lip stick/balm/gloss to suit your hair and complextion.

Hello luvvly jubblers,

When I was younger my mother used to say to me, "someday you will wear lipstick".  I didn't believe her.
As long as I can remember knowing my mom wore lipstick and I was beginning to be interested in it I found out what her favorite color/brand was.

It was Estee' Lauder in S T A R L I T  P I N K. From then on I began buying her this for birthdays, Mother's Day or Christmas. She wore this ALL of her life. She had beautiful white hair and it was 100% her posh color.

After I began my journey towards grey hair it became evident that I did NEED to wear lipstick.
I had fun creating my own colors and blends of high coverage or light sheer.
It is EASY PEASY and I want to tell you how to do it.

I am 100% make up free in these photos. I try to be authentic and embrace my brown spots, bald eye brows, lines and sagging ?????? (i am not sure what this matter of flesh is called) neck.

Sunday morning and I am blooming happy and want to rock my new lipstick! 

Begin with a pot of Carmex (I buy it at Dollar General for $1.00). 
Using a tiny spoon like anything or a bobbie pin, scoop out some Carmex and use the lid as your mixing pot. Put in about a quarter size dollop. Luvvly jubbly.

Dig out barmy eye shadows from your closet or go to Dollar General and buy $1.00 compacts. Select ones that have nice colors you like for lips. Be certain there is a white on the palette. You will need it to lighten/adjust your lip color.

Here is where my mix was too dark so I lightened it with white. Please add CLEAR LIPGLOSS to liquify your blend if you want it less like lipstick and more like a sheer gloss. Please add enough of the eye powder to pack in the stay on power.  I believe that lip stuff from the store that doesn't stay on is low on the mica powder color. By this I mean opaque color not bright color. Maybe it is a little bit like a second or third coat of paint in the first application.

This final step looks a bit marmy messy and it is. You may invent a better method for your self. I like to screw the Carmex lid right onto the original Carmex pot. It gives me access to the raw balm and my new luvvly jubbly lip color at the same time. Sometimes I glue a tiny round mirror on the top of the pot. Headband Aunt Nonie taught me to do this. One time we scouted every store in town for lipstick mirrors and she purchased 50 of them. Every tube of lipstick she owns has a circle mirror on the top. I love you, Aunt Nonie.

I think all I will wear today is my luvvly jubbly lipstick. As your hair and skin change it is nice to be able to adjust your pot of lip color.

Ta, xo J

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  1. This is such a fun post! I wouldn't go anywhere without my lipstick, and I mean anywhere! I love creamy and many regular type lipsticks tend to cake up over the course of the day. I want to make some of my own!

    Love you!