Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MIRRORS and aluminum foil.

Our downstairs is one big empty space. It used to be full of people 6 days a week when I held Pilates classes down there for 8 years. I have loved having the space free of furniture and wall decor since I closed my business. a few years ago.
I am having a small birthday party down there this week.
I pulled out all my mirrors and used them on the walls to create a reflection of what happens in the space rather than just S T U F F hanging. I also used aluminum foil smashed in frames to add to the sparkle/simple/easy peasy decor.
This will all come down next week but it is fun to try a new look down there.
Try using mirrors and aluminum foil (even just raw on a wall or over a door) in a bedroom for a month. It creates an interesting feel to a room. Candlelight doubles up reflections and makes it luvvly jubbly.

Ta,  xo J

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  1. Love using mirrors for beauty and space changing atmosphere. The addition of foil is most luvvly hubby!