Monday, January 2, 2012

10 minute leggies for a movie date.

My husBOB invited me to go see "The girl with the dragon tatoo" and I was all a flitter.
I snuck into my work room and created some sexy thigh high leggings to wear on the date.

Here is all you do:

Cut an unwanted sweater arm from the wrist all the way up to the neckline allowing as much length as possible. Stitch a narrow leg allowance from the bottom (cuff) all the way up to the top keeping it slim to hug tight to your thigh to prevent the thigh highs from slipping down your leg.

The cuff of the (prelife) sweater is now at your ankle and over your heel. The thigh high is a snug fit over and above the knee.
Oh, BTW.....I cut the top off my little black and white summer dress and....instantly!!! a high waisted luvvly jubbly skirt!
This is only possible if there is a zipper in your skirt. Also, please adjust the new waist line with darts to create a snug fit.

BTW, besties....
We L O V E D the movie!

Ta, xo J

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