Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SCiSsorS find a HOME.

Hello Jubblers,
I am trying to spend more time in nature with friends and family and less time with T.V. and my scissors.
It has been a nice break. 
When I am deep in a project that requires scissors for paper, fabric, embroidery, tin foil etc I tend to use the same scissor out of laziness.
My favorite flea market man (STD Flea Market) gave me a bag of small boullion jars with yellow and blue plastic lids.... (he knows I am a green designer...who else would want these?). I put the plastic lids in my home schooler's Tuesday night art class box to use for mixing paint.
The jars I used .......luvvly jubbly...one of my top 10 loves.....rubber bands to secure them together. I popped my scissors in and can grab the appropriate pair when I am in a creating frenzy.
This method would also be fab for storing paint brushes or pencils.

Good luck Seattle today....make snow men and feed the birds!

Ta, xo J

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