Saturday, January 7, 2012

Do you love your bed?


When I walk into our bedroom I see one piece of furniture....a bed.
We have owned this bed nearly our whole marriage. Most years it lives in the middle of the bedroom like an island. Easy to walk around and luvvly jubbly from ever angle.
Right now we have it closer to the west wall. Not a feng shui thing but a good energy spot that allows us to watch the sun set.

My love of this bed stems from the low stress personality that it has.  It looks good messy and lived in. It looks like a rock star no matter what the rest of the room looks like.

I believe in white/ivory/cream/luvvly jubbly shades that are monocratic for all sheets, blankets, pillow slips, bed covers, bob's your uncle.

The simplicity of this palette makes life easy peasy.

I use pillow cases made out of paint drop cloths, muslin, raw silk, burlap potato bags, linen piece goods, vintage table cloths, grandmother, Rere's tatting trim and regular white pillow slips from K-mart.

I make our sheets out of worn in vintage white table cloths (pieced together using French seams for comfort) and raw silk (washed and softened) yardage. The bottom sheet is easy peasy to tailor into a fitted sheet by boxing the corners. It is nice to be able to make a sheet that REALLY fits your mattress. Don't worry about hemming. A raveled edge is beautiful.

I like to let the different layers of bedding hang down revealing the multi textures and shades of white. It takes about 10 seconds to smooth and throw the bedding up and call the bed MADE. This sets a relaxed expectation for all who make this bed. I used to stress out when things were not blooming perfect...corners square..etc. At least a decade ago I threw this worry out the window.

I love the texture of this raw silk. I bought 5 yards on senior citizen's day at Salvation Army for $3.00.

Maybe it would be luvvly if you could rethink your standards of how a bed should be made. It might be a nice change.

Sweet dreams.

Ta, xo J


  1. HMMMmmmm!! Our bed is luvvly jubbly but not in the same sense as your very artistic lounge! LOL! My sheets are frayed does that count?!!
    LOVE those vintage pillow covers and the idea with the painters drop cloth!
    Very inspiring!
    Cathy G

  2. I'm just now getting ready to change bed sheets . I do that on Sunday's. I'm getting out some frayed pillow cases I love but hadn't used in a very ong time. I was going to try and fix them, but now I'm going to plop them on as is and love them again!


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