Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hello Jubblers,
On January 31, 2012 (my 62nd birthday) I am launching my POLLIWOG PROJECT.

I have been swimming at the Y for a few months now. I love it when the little children arrive at the pool to play and have some "forget my life" time to laugh and splash. My main observation has been that everyone is the same in a body of water like a pool or a lake. Handicaps, body deformaties, birth marks, extra fat, bad hair, varicose veins, bad swim suits and other insecurites disappear in the water. 
I have observed that some of the kiddos have suits that are old (in a bad way...fabric thin and discolored) don't fit and are not really even swim suits.
I would hope that every child could have a suit that they feel good in and are proud to wear to the pool or lake.
This is where POLLIWOG PROJECT entered the scene.

My personal goal is to have a swimsuit drive to collect preloved suits that can be passed on to new homes. Do you have swimsuits that your kiddos have out grown or no longer wear? They can need mending, elastic replaced, restyling, new straps or buttons, rips, stains, hobo wear, etc, etc. We need suits for boys and girls in all sizes. No suit will be turned away!!
After I restyle the suit and make it luvvly jubbly kid ready I will tag it, wrap it in tissue and bag it to present to a SMILING, SMASHING, ROCKSTAR kid!

You can check my blog to see how your suit has been reincarnated. I plan to do a photo diary of all the suits.

If you have a swim suit (or suits) to donate here is how to do it:

Please send (a padded envelope works great) suits to:

c/o J. Linder
5756 E. Catalpa Street
Springfield, Mo. 65809

417 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO. 65806

Drop them off at the front desk (they are VERY NICE...a smiling sweet luvvly jubbly person will LOVE to take your suits!) at the YMCA  417 S. Jefferson Street, downtown Springfield Mo. There is drop off parking on Jefferson...look for the red awning.

If you have any questions about POLLIWOG PROJECT please contact:

 J Linder:


Mary Kromrey
Associate Executive Director
Downtown YMCA & Childcare
417 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO. 65806

P. 417 862 8962
F. 417 862 4004


Ta, xo J


  1. I'll check to see if Emma has a suit to pass on.

  2. Your creative brilliance and your generosity have combined to create such a fabulous project. I am certain that the boys have some suits that they have grown out of, now if I can just find them....