Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too itchy, too small, don't like it...donating it.

Hello Jubblers,

It has been a winter where it will be 11 degrees out in the morning and 46 at noon.
I modified my closet today.

When I dress in the morning the swimsuit goes on under everything.
Next it is tights. Then maybe jeans or men's trousers. Then a skirt if it is real cold. I think wool skirts are so warm over pants and easy to shed by noon. On top it is an undershirt and then a cardigan. I am in a rut but I always feel prepared and luvvly jubbly as I peel off my clothes through the day.

I edited my closet of itchy/too small/don't like items. I will take the BPB full of stuff to the Clothing Bank for our public schools.

Here are some snaps of my closet. Please leave this post now if it sounds boring...I don't mind at all!

Here is my donation pile. Call me if you see something you want before I take it this afternoon! xo

BTW.....this is my spring, summer, fall, winter closet.

Four skirts.

Six dresses.

Four belts.
Three purses.
One swimming bag.

Four sweaters (2 men's/2 women's).
One shirt (men's).

You have seen the shoes.

Here is my guilty pleasure. 4 hangers with oven bags full of tights (hobo and summer weight). I am not revealing the number of pairs I own.  I wear tights all year round. One pink vinny bra and one pink vinny slip also. xo

My Dad and a Jane Troupe fox in the closet with me.

I do have swim suits, jeans, men's pants, tshirts, tanks, socks, bob's your uncle that I store in 2 drawers in my bathroom.
Also my coats are in a coat closet.

Do you love and wear everything in your closet?

Ta, xo J


  1. Wow! What organization! You know right where everything is and can get dressed in a heart beat!! Good job!
    Just don't get rid of that plaid wool skirt as I think Dulcy would take it for hooking rugs! It would be great overdyed! LOL!!
    One of these days I shall tackle my closet.... you've inspired me!!
    Cathy G

  2. What a FUN post! I have a J T same print of that fox in my kitchen! My closet is not nearly so scaled down and organized, but working on it, love your closet walls... I'm all for closet decorating. My luvvly wool skirt washed up beautifully, and I'm going to wear it tomorrow! What fun!


  3. I think I've spotted a great little hooked purse in there, haven't I? And you're getting rid of the green wool skirt? Was it too itchy?

    I've put myself on a bit of a diet so I can fit into some of my old pants. But, no I don't like everything in my closet...I need to weed again!