Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 and time to clean my refrigerator.

Leftovers in drawer. Otherwise, half and half , eggs no one eats and Greek yogurt. Oh...potatoes in a B.P.B.   

Lonely apple.

Hi Jubblers,
Over the holidays when besties were over and they got hungry I said, "look and see what's in the kitchen".
This morning I took a good look and decided it was time to clean out the refrigerator. 
Basically, it was empty. Buying fresh makes it almost possible for us not to own a refrigerator. I don't like ice that much so I really could survive. The cream for my coffee would be missed but that is about it. I don't eat dairy much. In the winter we could use the outside for storage. Just a thought.

I hope you all brought in 2012 with a smile.

Ta, xo J

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  1. Good grief! This was going to be today's job for me. I started pitching stuff late last night. I think the rest will have to wait till tomorrow. Your fridge puts mine to shame.......

    Love you!