Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birthday party favors.


I hope today finds you healthy, crafting, smiling, loving, forgiving, GIVING and clear headed about your happiness.

I promise not to bore you with this again (if I can help it) but I love taking my time and having a little party with myself when I make breakfast. I put on vintage John Mayer (blasting the roof off) and drink my glass of warm water. This is a family tradition (headband Aunt Nonie in Seattle) that is a nice ritual.

After that I do this.

Make a blueberry pancake.

Chia seeds (gobs)
Ground flax seed (gobs)
Healthy flour
X virgin olive oil
Baking powder (organic)
Applesause (organic)
Pumpkin (organic)
Honey (bob's your uncle)


Party Favors:

My inspiration for this was from the most amazing blogger: 

Ravelry: Designs by tiny owl knits

You have to check her out. She lives in London and I plan on meeting her someday.  There is not ONE single craft that she blogs about that I don't want to creat myself. She is a luvvly jubbly rock star (really she is a rock can hear her sing while she knits) and I fell in love with her felted rings.

I am just learning to knit (my bestie Dulcy is my teacher...BTW...did you know that "dulcy" is greek for charming?...she is) and I am not ready to show you anything. REALLY.

I was so set on doing these rings for my birthday girls. I decided to set up a little welcome to my party table. Instead of knitting rings I will WRAP fingers and wrists with my luvvly jubbly purple alpaca yarn that Courtney spun and dyed for me. I will then have my besties dip their fingers and wrists into a bowl of warm water with a little liquid soap. Next she will use a towel to rub rub rub and dry her new ring and bracelet right on her body. They felt up nice and F I T with perfection!

Thank you TINYOWLKNITS for all the wicked ideas!

Ta, xo J


  1. How clever you are!! And now I'm going to try and felt myself a ring. I may try to needle felt a little heart onto it. You MUST come over and get into my wool and roving stash!

    Love you!!

  2. Hey, it's such fun to check out your latest projects...needle felting is great! I love the jewelry idea--and Dulcy's idea of needling a little something on the ring is perfect!
    Thanks for your visit today!