Thursday, January 12, 2012

Using leftovers for your face.

What is your face hungry for today?

Today (Jan 12, 2012) is a snowy and blooming frigid day.
My skin is hungry/thirsty for moisture.

I stirred up a recipe in a luvvly teeny Carmex tub for a facial treat.

You might call this the slum gullian recipe.
I dug through my brown paper bag of stuff and pulled out Emu oil, vitamin C concentrate (I don't remember where this came from) Garnier dark spot corrector and Carmex with sunscreen from the tube.

A couple of pumps...easy peasy.

A few drops of Emu Oil.

A little squeeze of green tube (Garnier spot corrector).

Last...VERY IMPORTANT for the recipe...Carmex (SPF 15) from the tube.

Stir with your finger and apply to your face throat, shoulders and hands. 
Each day your skin will ask for something different.
My skin feels smashing!!!

Have a L U V V L Y J U B B L Y  day!!!

Ta, xo J

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  1. You know.... I really love the idea of using all these different products to make something new and wonderful. Occasionally I have products, samples, whatever that sit around. Why not mix things and create an even better product?! This is the time of year for using lots of creams and such. I'm going to dig around and see what I can find!