Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pocket storage book 2

What supplies you will need:

1. Ledger or small notebook
2. Waxy brown paper storage bags (small)
3. Paper from your ledger to create holes for installing onto the bags
4. Sewing machine, thread etc

Find a cool old odd shaped note or ledger book. Make certain the metal binder system works well.

If you are lucky enough to have paper in your binder cut off an inch or two of the pages to include the holes to save you from blisters while punching your waxy brown paper food storage bags.
Stitch the hole strip on the CLOSED portion of the bag. I zig zag stitched 4 bags per paper hole strip.

Embellish the book if you care to. A monogram or a little something that suits the likes of the person you are giving it to.
I use rubber bands to secure the storage system but you may want to do a wool wrap or button/cord system for your closure.
I am all for EASY PEASY because I have a beautiful day ahead of me!

I hope you do too!!

Ta, xo J