Friday, February 10, 2012

Brick from THE HOLE

Hello Jubblers,
Last night my luvvly jubbly hubby and I had a private celebration party which included smashing down chicken breasts in an iron skillet with a foil covered brick (I saw this method on the TODAY show and thought it looked EASY PEASY). I know this doesn't sound too romantic...but IT WAS.

The brick we used was one that LJHub had very recently hopped a fence on a local university campus with a bestie to retrieve from a demolition sight that was an apartment complex they called THE HOLE. This brick was part of a wall that adorned (heehee) the interior of a college days (the 70's!) basement dwelling. There were many 24-7 parties, drop bys and rock concerts in THE HOLE. This BEAUTIFUL brick holds lots of good karma. 
My kitchen is an luvvly jubbly e m p t y room where we use only 1/4th of the doorless cabinets but the BRICK has a spot of honor. 

Do you have a brick in your past?

Ta, xo J

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