Monday, February 27, 2012

Leather buttons and straps to make a linen pouch

I found these men's leather belts at 2 thrifty stores. They were around $3.00 each.

After cutting both ends of the belt off (sewing scissors) it frees up the leather to be unraveled. It was luvvly jubbly to harvest 10 yards of leather strips from each belt!!!

After cutting 1" squares from a heavy leather tool belt I was able to create 30 soon to be buttons. Using a wood block for a work surface I hammered a large nail through the leather to form button holes.

I used the (belt) leather to lace and secure the square leather button onto the linen pouch (made from scraps of linen from Dulcy's rug hooking) to create a secure leather strap over button closure.
I installed the button with the same leather strapping by "threading" it through the button and linen and tied it off with a double knot.
More of the leather lacing was used as a shoulder strap for the small pouch purse.
I use  it every day and L O V E it! Super cute and springtime perfect.

Ta, xo J


  1. I'm speechless! LOVE that little bag, and those buttons are FAB!!!!


  2. The buttons are awesome! Love the bag...very creative!