Thursday, February 9, 2012

NEW to o l d (loved on) shoes

My absolute bestie has foot surgery healing and sometimes sad feet that say, "comfy shoes, please?" to her alot.
Below is her never worn stiff and mean to her...Dr. Martens.

Below is her new happy, cozy, inviting and ready to be nice Dr. Martens.

Tools needed to break in mean shoes:

1. Ice pick
2. Box cutter
3. Sand paper
4. Oil pastels
5. Furnture polish
6. Wool for laces
7. C O U R A G E to start murdering your shoes with an ice pick

Happy Feet...xxoo



  1. I'm soooo excited about these! REALLY!

  2. Do you know i laughed my socks of when i read this post....what an absolute fantastic way to break in rotten shoes....and whats even more funny is I happen to have the very same nasty Dms...SO WATCH out nasty shoes here i come ha ha ha
    Pixie x

  3. Do it Pixie! Mine are sooooo comfortable and super cute!