Friday, December 16, 2011

1987 Hot Iron Transfers.

Hello Dubblers,
I found 50 envelopes of wonderful iron on transfers for (gulp) punch embroidery for $.10 each. I wrapped a gift in one sheet. I taped one to a small window and looked at it for awhile as the sun illuminated it.
I ironed one ( 1987 winnebego ) image on a pillow case for a gift. Then I went through my husband's
T-shirt drawer and made this bucking pony T-shirt for myself. I moved the image an inch or so after each iron down to make the spotted pony look like she was bucking. I loved horses as a girl. My best friend and I would walk 1/2 mile to a lady's horse barn and sit in her drive-way for hours hoping she would come home and let us ride. Never happened.

My little spotted pony.

I absolutely love my luvvly jubbly pony shirt.

Ta, xo J


  1. You know what's so great.... is that you moved that transfer around to give it movement instead of just ironing on as is. I would never have thought to do that....... It's fabulous!