Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sometimes being 61 means thinning hair. Solution: SEW some hair into buns.

                                           Buy a crazy glob of fake hair on a knackered
                                           banana clip (ugh) at Walgreens.

                                           Peel the hair off of the knackered clip and the elastic band
                                           becomes a circle of locks!

                                           Cut the band circle of hair in half.

                                                        Dye the hair if necessary. I did. I am
                                                        sporting chestnut right now.

                                          Stitch the 2 sections of hair into 2 circles. Use matching
                                          ( or close) upholstery thread. Twist the hair into a
                                           messy buns and sew over and through to secure buns
                                           into place.

                                           Bobby pin buns over your pony tails and look in
                                           the mirror and see your new posh do.

                                           Nice buns? I think they are luvvly jubbly.

                                                               xo J
                                           P.S. You can wear one bun at a time.

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