Friday, December 30, 2011

It's midnight somewhere. 2 0 1 2

Do you have friends or family in another time zone? When the clock strikes twelve New Years it might be nice to know when the new year begins around the world. Try wearing 2 watches, one in your time zone and the other in theirs.
Find slim vintage belts and make your own watch bands. The buckles need to be petite so they don't overwhelm your wrist.
Using the leather or fabric from your belts create a system that nicely secures your watch face onto your belt/band. Your sewing machine should be the best tool to stitch with. Otherwise, you may need to punch holes and use heavy thread or torn fabric to hand stitch.
Measure your wrist and determine where to cut the excess length off the belt.
Punch new holes for the buckle. I use a cutting board and a thin screw. You can also use a hammer and  nail.

It is an easy peasy project that takes about 30 minutes to do 2 bands.

I hope you get to kiss someone at midnight. I sure plan to.

Ta, xo J

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