Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brown Paper Bags from Price Cutter.

My family has always loved B.P.B.'s. My sister, Kay (amazing artist and my absolute hero) always rolled the edges of the bag over 1" and again, 1" and again.......etc. get it to the size she wanted. We all used BPB's for garbage holders, for peelings from potatoes, for storing things under the sink and the list goes on and on. I love them because they are a green way to do so many things.

Ready to see some?

                                                         Make- up bag.

                                               Organize hats, scarves and gloves in your closet.

                                               This is another Kay thing. When I visited Kay
                                                     in her home many years ago she had the middle
                                                of her windows covered with a treatment but
                                           left a window view below and above the covering.
                                                      This inspired me to have paper bag curtains. I
                                            roll the bag to one side and secure (with a
                                                        clothes pin) when I want a full window view.

                                         Everyone knows this one...line your drawers with BPB's.

I think it looks too busy but you might want to cut holes in your BPB curtain. Even slice at > shape with  a blade and fold it back for peek holes. Also, rough vertical tears here and there are nice.

                                           I use this idea at all of my bread and water summer
                                   parties.....ICE BAG.

Paper bag popcorn holder. Toss it when finished. If you want to reuse it, line it with wax paper. Paper bag your fruit jar full of a cold drink or hot coffee/tea. A light weight BPB can serve as a napkin or bib.

 Roll a BPB down one inch at a time. When you get to the bottom, unroll it until you get to the top. Repeat 5 times. To add weight, fill the paper with dry beans or rocks. Please lock your abs in tight and do this exercise standing.

Next time you are at Price Cutter's ask for PAPER.

Ta, xo J

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  1. I am a huge lover of bpb's! I have made many things including birthday cards with lots of great pictures cut from favorite catalogs. I also use them to wrap gifts and tye with wool scraps from my rug hooking. There's another fun project we can do together sometime with brown lunch sakes. Love your ideas, and the little curtain idea is so sweet! I'm now wondering how well pastels would lay on them.....