Sunday, December 18, 2011

New shoes going through a beating to make them look like they have a past life.

I dedicate this post to my dear girl crush, Dulcy. She had foot surgery recently and has to be careful about what shoes she wears. Comfort and support are super important. Being luvvly jubbly is important too. She has a pair of red oxford Dr. Martens that she says look too new. I laughed when she told me this because I have been stressing shoes to look hobo-y my whole life. As a girl I would walk in dirt to scuff up white shoes. I have sanded/driven over with my car/ drug through the dirt/and scuffed on the for years.

I bought these desert boots at Target 2 years ago. I brought them home and started the beating ritual. I LOVE them and didn't know 2 years ago that I was designing HOBO boots.

Here they are with my red velvet HOBO tights and my vintage pink half slip I love wearing as a skirt.

Supplies you will need:

1. Sand paper
2. Saw
3. Box cutter
4. Raw umber oil pastel
5. Razor blade
6. Ice pick
7. Wire brush
8. Danish oil in walnut
9. Seam ripper
10. Scissors

Simply begin distressing the leather. Hammer, slice, saw, sand,stab, pick, scrub, cut....Bob's your uncle.

I stole a leather belt from my husband's closet and began UNweaving it. It is like unbraiding your hair. The leather is distressed and worn looking...perfect for shoe laces.

When you have sawed and beat up the shoes, go easy on using the Danish oil and the raw umber stick. Only highlight the areas of the shoes that would naturally get wear, like the seams, the heel area, the toe (here is where you can actually cut a toe hole with your box cutter...then use the wire brush on it).
Too much is too much and doesn't look authentic.

If it is cold out, wear double socks!

Have a Luvvly jubbly day!

Ta, xo J


  1. Can't wait to get started! I may cut to the chase and run over them..... They're sooooo stiff! I'm hoboing up a sweater right now, and have another waiting in line. Using things I have and haven't been wearing. Can't wait to show you!!!!

  2. Hi, this is Tammie, we met at the gym the other day. I am checking out your blog and loving it. With 46 entries in one month you are the most prolific blogger I have seen and, creatively, speaking you are quite prolific, as well. I love your positive energy, your ingenuity and your unique style. At this point in time I am so inspired by your uses for vintage Christmas albums. You definitely have my creative wheels a turnin'. Thanks! And if you choose to visit my blog you will find it at You can find my daughter's blog about her adventures on the LA metro at
    I will check back with you often and maybe we will run into each again one day.