Sunday, December 11, 2011

Juanita (Juajua) going to a party.

Above is my BFF, bestie, soul sister.... Juanita...or what I call her...Juajua. She is 70 and the most smashing girl I have ever known. She is an artist, a major foodie artist, a posh gal pal and a loyal friend. She has been single for 14 years. I love doing her make-up, helping her get luvvly jubbly on and then pushing her out the door to get her party started.

Isn't she smashing?
I went through her make  up and found that her foundation was way too dark. She was a vivid red head in her youth so she sports awesome freckles and ivory/rose skin. All make up counters have always sold her browns and more browns for her eyes. BORING. I used (100% from the make-up she already had) some free gifts of eye shadow, lipstick etc. that she had never tried. The soft lavender tones in eye shadow and the navy soft eye liner on the top and bottom made her eyes POP. I didn't use any mascara on her lashes because the hoods of her eyes droop and it would have been a mess. I brushed on tiny hair strokes on her brows with a taupe powder. Her lips are so nice and full. I used a brighter rasberry on them. A no color loose powder dusted over everything but the lips and ...poof...blooming .....luvvly jubbly.

Ta, xo J

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