Monday, December 26, 2011

RAINY DAY...make a luvvly jubbly 2 0 1 2 calendar.

Just for fun start out the new year by choosing one day every week to create a cool thing using only materials you have at home. That was my goal for this rainy day.

Here is a generic calendar that I quickly produced to get started. Remember that a calendar only lasts a year so don't stress out on it being blooming perfect. I use #2 pencils or any pen close to my work station. I am not picky. If you like my calendar print it out. You can reduce it for a purse size datebook or enlarge it for a table or wall calendar.

Print 12 copies of the calendar. For each month circle the month on the horizontal list at the top. Fill in the day numbers by hand or print them with rubber stamps. Now is a good time to enter birthdays/anniversary dates/etc. This is your own special diary calendar.

You can style your calendar many ways.
 I like the manilla envelope design. Start with your 2 0 1 2 cover page envelope. Print your 12 envelopes with the months stamped or penciled in on the front. Stictch the 13 envelopes together on the top or side. Be sure to allow the envelope flap to open easily. You now have a system of storing your monthly calendar pages and misc. scraps of papers, appointment cards, concert tickets, party invitations etc. for each month.  VERY easy peasy.

Using vintage book pages makes this datebook at 30 minute project. Sew together as described above after printing your 2 0 1 2 cover and month pages and glue stick them on! Super cute and carefree.

Of course the BROWNPAPERBAG can be a datebook.

So can The NYT. Maybe use the Jan 1, 2012 publication. How fun is this!!! Make calendars on New Years Day with your friends while you continue to sip wine.

Dulcy gets her calendar book today so she can enter in our girl dates for the year. I included 2 sheets of pink paper stapled to the left of each month for her to make notes. This style was a little bit more complicated. It involved sewing and solving construction mess ups. I like installing a pocket to hold a flat (stanley type) pen. I also always install a basic wrap band so the book will not fall open in your bag or back pack.

I also used note cards with tabs. I replaced the tab number with the month name

BELOW is my book. It is T H R O W N together but I like it rugged and messy. It looks better month by month as it ages on the floor of my car or in my swimming bag. I save all my datebooks every year and often look back at them for forgotten names/dates/etc. They are fun to look at.

I love the look of wool scraps smashed down on my datebook. I have pockets inside my book also. I end up stuffing everything in there. By December of 2012 it will look bloated but loved.

Happy New year, Jubblers.

Ta, xo J


  1. I love, love, love your calendar and datebook!!!
    You are so creatively brilliant!!! You inspire me!!!

  2. I'm just tooooo excited!! I can't wait until Wed. especially to see you, and a new date book. Oh my... This is the cutest ever, and I had no idea when we chatted how wonderful it would be (of course, since it's your creation it has to be wonderful!). I have some goodies for you also dear!

  3. Love the calendar! I also like the challenge idea of crafting with what I have one day each month! I could use some artist exercises!