Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OOPS....times 3.

The OOPS that happened on this vintage iron on school bus transfer T-shirt for Courtney was the color of the shirt was wrong. The best transfer is on a WHITE T-shirt. It looks more at home on a white tea towel, shirt, pillow case or table cloth.

OOPS solution:

Hand stitch a dainty in and out simple pattern with a brown or charcoal thread along the lines of the transfer. Don't do the entire outline, leave the faded look here and there as a vintage treatment. As Courtney washes the shirt, she can get out her thread and restitch areas that begin to fade too much for her taste.

OOPS....I am a terrible speller. Above is my dear Aunt Edie. She rescued me after I went through a traumatic experience in my teens. I gave a baby up for adoption. I had to drop out of high school. I moved in with her and she tutored me through all the classes I needed to graduate. It was the first time in my entire life that I loved learning. She gave me this giant dictionary. I used it so much that the cover came off. My mother took possession of it and I forgot about it until after mom's death. When I found it I began using it again. I try not to use spell check because I LOVE using this dictionary.  The dictionary has not helped my spelling. Thank you for understanding (if you do).

OOPS again. Natasha ordered a pair of HOBO tights to match her daughter's. The mistakes I made, as usual, were little gifts.
Don't use sweater tights for HOBO tights. You need to use the heavy regular tights that stretch that will behave while stitching. The sweater tights caught all the dust, threads and hairballs. I kept these tights, cut the toes out (they still fit over the heels) sliced holes in them and wear them over slick tights. The large gaps look sort of cool with the slick tights showing through. I still don't like them much.

I don't sell my stuff after this experience. I love helping you learn how to make things or give things away.

Ta, xo J


  1. I love your helpful hints and honesty..... I think it's great to use your old dictionary (you know I have a couple of old dear ones that I need to sit right here by my computer). I bet it's better for the brain instead of spellcheck. Also.... I do like the look of the hobo tights over the nylon ones. Plus it's warmer. My husband's grandson is here, and I think I'm going to give him my shoes and tell him to take them outside and go to town. I bet they would distress up perfectly, he'd have fun, and no work for me! What do you think?

  2. Now I'm doubly psyched to get this T-shirt! Plus, I love the dictionary story. I love dictionaries. That's the English Major in me...I actually have an Oxford English Dictionary...except they put 4 pages on one and I can no longer read it without a magnifying glass! LOL