Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christamas day...time for friends and rest.

We had a VERY simple and minimal gift exchange this morning after breakfast.  Bob and I don't do gifts but one real gift for sons and other silly things for the stockings. It is now time for us to head over to a bestie couple's home to lay around.
I decided to wear my HOBO wraps today.
My sister, Kay was my inspiration for these. She saw a shoe/ or is it a sock? ad for a pair of ballet/ slipper/ wrap type foot wear. She made me a pair out of black tights to recreate the piece from what she had in her own drawers. They wrap up the leg like a ballet toe shoe. I love them. I have had them maybe 3 or 4 years. Somethings you can't get enough of. Thank you, Kay.

Simply stitch together any scraps you have handy. I used sweaters scraps that I had cut while remodeling  several sweaters for Christmas gifts. Make the HOBO strap wrap l o n g (around 8') if you plan on wrapping it over the knee to the thigh. I like knee length unless it is super cold out. I have very "all to pot" (ugly) knees but I still love showing them.

When you get to the top and are ready to secure your wraps, use safety pins here and there. Let them show. No one cares. Let the world see that you are repurposing and be proud. Sometimes I like to call it "luxory for less" (NYT David Friedlander 12/18/2011). These are luvvly jubbly to wear and quite practical on a sunny day.

Sweater, Funtiques, dress, D.A.V. (it was a swimsuit cover with a built in bra 1970's), pink leaf pin, Salvation Army, brown clogs, D.A.V.
My hair stylist for today is a HUGE BESTIE that moved away from me (but she is visiting me tomorrow) and she styles me via text message. She had me sprinkle white flour in my hair to enhance the color and texture. I LOVE this wicked idea. Thank you R....I love you! xxoo (see you tomorrow!)

Ta, xo J


  1. All so wonderful, and making me want to start cutting and sewing tonight! I visited with Lily today, and she is going to check out your blog. Lily will love , love it so much! I must see your hair with the flour sprinkling...... Did it work for you? Very quiet day here, and another nature center walk. My kind of holiday. And now some wine and knitting by the fire.........

    Love you,

  2. One more comment.... All these posts are most eloquently written!