Saturday, December 10, 2011


Brown velvet shower curtain:

Brown velvet wrap straps for my clogs:


Tear 2 approx. 2 1/2" wide and 36" long strips of brown velvet.

1. Put your clogs on.
2. Place the middle of the strip...velvet out, on the front of your leg above your ankle.
3. Wrap the strap behind your leg and cross the 2 ends and bring the straps UNDER your clog (in front of the heel). Criss-cross the strips again.
4.  Now pull the strips up and do another cross-over wrapping around your leg ending up with the 2 strip ends in front. You can tie them together in a nice knot or a bow.

The longer the velvet strip, the more times you can create a nice wrap up your leg. You can even make your strips very long and wrap all the way up to the knee.
Make certain the strips are nice and tight in place for a secure fit.
In the summer use a light weight print to create a breezy warm weather shoe.

Happy luvvly jubbly clogs!

Ta, xo J

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