Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not my favorite (non easy peasy) design.

These red plaid flannel leggings took me TOO long to make. I wear them all the time but I am not certain it was worth it.

1. They are super cute on and VERY warm.
2. They are super cute under a dress or a skirt.
3. It helped me get over my hatred of leggings. I grew up in the 70's and never liked them.

1. Flannel does not give so when I wanted them tight at the ankle I could not get them over my foot.
2. I cut up appropriate strips of very stretchy fabric (old grey tights) and inserted it up the back of the leg like a seamed hose of the 40's.
3. Still too tight to get on.
4. I cut little slashes up the middle of the grey insert and gave it a rag doll/hobo look. It BARELY fit like this.

Anyroad....maybe you have a solution my luvvly jubblers!

My son, Brook tells me that I am putting you through too much work posting so much. Maybe if I say what I want in ONE post I will be more kind to you.

Dear Diary and luvvly jubblers,

Yesterday I spent the morning in the dentist and oral surgeons office diagnosing a bad tooth. It is tooth  #13. GRRRRRR! I have to have it pulled. I was gutted at first but about 60 seconds later I found the purpose in what was about to happen. I have spent half my life in the dental chair. I LOVE to smile so this is OK. The best part of my day was spending the afternoon with my girl-crush, Dulcy. We brought our ideas and news to share with eachother. Dulcy is a gorgeous grey haired goddess. (yes, I am waffling) and I have been in love with her for several decades. She is going to accompany me next Monday to my hair designer where I will be transformed into a grey goddess too. I am SO ready to get my grey ON. Being 61 (62 in a 1 1/2 months) is all about being authentic. I have never felt stronger, happier, healthier, creative, sexier, energized and loved than this moment. Wrinkles, bumps and blisters I wear with pride! I will post photos of the hair day, Monday, Dec. 19  (salon and bar for wine to celebrate later) so I will see you then. BTW, Dulcy's blog is: http://dulcysdoorstep.blogspot.com. Check it out. She is one of the most talented artists in my world.
I don't think diary entries need to be spell checked or have new paragraphs, right?
Love, J

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  1. Oh I'm blushing!! You're way way sweet..... And those plaid tights you had on yesterday are just my kinda thing. I'm excited to make my own hobo garments... Oh, I have what I hope to be a good idea for the blazer. Maybe I'll have it ready to wear Monday. I need to hit the thrifty shops for some plaid pants! My head is spinning with garment ideas and I really should be rug hooking... Jessy, I think you need your own TV show. These ideas just keep coming, so keep blogging. Your creativity is amazing!!