Friday, December 23, 2011

Time with Karen at F U N T I Q U E S

Yesterday the best part of my day was spending time with Karen at her LUVVLY JUBBLY shop, Funtiques.

  1. 1135 E Commercial St  Springfield, MO 65803
    (417) 864-0948
We had so much fun running up and down the aisles.
If you have any shopping to do you MUST head over.
There is plenty of parking at the door and it is by far my favorite shop in Springfield.
She has things for amazing prices that are as rare as hen's teeth. You can find gift paper, gift cards, and even wrap it up there.
I am always so excited to shop and 'ave it the minute I walk in the door.
Also...find your Christmas luvvly jubbly outfits, shoes and jewelry there. You can find me wearing Funtique
fashion almost everyday.

Ta, xo J

Funtiques Market - DECO! RETRO! PSYCHO! WACKO!

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  1. I can't believe I don't know about this place! Where is it? Sounds awesome!