Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Duct Tape Rug...too busy for my house.

This is an easy peasy project for making a quicky front door mat for snowy boots. This mat will be taken quickly to a new home. Alert: VERY BUSY DESIGN.

This rug's base is a brown waterproof tarp piece cut to size for a front door mat. Cut pieces of randon fabrics, trim, knit, etc etc. Using red duct tape....place fiber choice cut to size down onto the tarp and use torn strips (skinnier strips are better) to attatch to your surface. Overlap scraps here and there and create a fun design. Use tape to border ( and fold over to back) the rug and help waterproof it.

Next, take it outside and spray the surface with a matte waterproofing spray. If you like a rug to be a rug and get dirty, don't spray it.

This rug has found a new home and has adjusted nicely to it's new floor. I do NOT miss this rug.

Ta, xo J

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