Friday, December 16, 2011

New Old Clothes.

This is my HOBO cardigan in a better light. I cut the sleeves off to make it more comfy. It feels sportier and more me now. Luvvly jubbly.

Here are my original HOBO test tights. They will always be my favorite because they are the first. They are the bees knees.

The orchid cardigan was revamped by using a wool collar and trimmings from a former little suit jacket that  I have worn for years. I transfered the buttons over too.  I was getting so tired of the jacket. I wore it ALL the time. One way to get out of that habit is to cut it up. I love morphing pieces together.
The skirt is a wool tablecloth that I bought at a local flea market. I seamed the fabric up the back and called it done. I don't install a zipper or waistband. I use the finished edge of a tablecloth or towel for the hem when I make skirts. I think I am lazy and want to run out the door in my new outfit.
The over-the-knee ankle socks are sleeves from a man's sweater. I seam up the back of the sleeve to make it fit VERY snug over the knee so they don't slip down the legs. Note: I leave the RAW EDGES visable to add to the hobo/lived in/ vintage look.
Final information....These boots are the bomb! I ADORE them. They were originally Cole Haan knee boots. I bought them for $6.99 at D.A.V. I cut them off above the ankle and began a process of punching holes in the leather and installing other leather (from the cut off pieces) with brown upholstery thread to create a slimmer and more fitted ankle boot. I ended up doing a lace wrap around the top of the boot to lace them up and be on my way. I left large recangular holes around the ankle that expose my skin in the summer. I wear boots all year round. I hike and even skip in these boots. Never toss a pair of boots. Always think out of the box to recover them with wool, cut them up or even make ballet slippers out of them.

I am ready to celebrate in my luvvly jubbly outfit.

Ta, xo J

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  1. Oh wow, i love your blog, i found you through Dulcys, and i absolutly need to do what you have done to your tights, i just love revamping old clothes and this idea is brilliant...though i do need to ask, how do you sew tights without causing a ladder to form?

    Pixie ;)