Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is Spring here yet?

Cut 2 different patterns that you like and make smashing bows for your spring shoes. I used a quilted silk from a horrible jacket from Salvation Army. There were a million patches of silk and I fell in love with each one individually but not in a huge busy patched group.  Sew the bows with thread and attatch to a paper clip and stick on a band aid to cover the side that might touch your foot it so it won't cause a blister.. That makes the bows easy to remove.

This is a 100% easy peasy project.

Ta, xo J

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  1. Well........ Where to start? I love every idea you've posted here so, so much! Especially the clog straps..... That old brown velvet shower curtain is sure coming in handy. I have my embellished tights idea in my head, and now need to follow through and get them done. Oh, I just get si excited when I read your creative ideas! Keep them coming.....