Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday cards from old cool L.P. album covers.

There are endless supplies of old Christmas albums all year long in the thrift stores. Are they not super cute? This is an easy peasy card making project.

Using the fold of the album as the fold in your card, cut sizes you like. You can make 3 or 4 from one cover.

Find packages of white stick on letters to write a simple message on the front (sometimes I like to keep the original cover design and let it shine!) or the inside of your card.

I use the L.P.'s as a nice surface to do art projects on. Gently press the sticky letters you plan to use and spray them red if you want a burst of color. I love the letters stark white.

Carefully peel them off after they have thoroughly dried. Apply them as you like.

I used the painted L.P. for a cookie tray! Using wax paper over it keeps it sterile for serving food and it is transparent enough to reveal the design.

These cards are fun to send to music lovers.

Ta, xo J

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