Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bathing less means more quality water time.

When you make a decision to create change in your life there are so many sweet things that enter your world. It seems the universe gives back when you attempt to take a new road.

Shall we try to conserve power, water and cleansers.....and prevent dry skin by bathing less? It is just a thought. I have decided to start 2012 (actually today) by taking on this habit.
I love creating a challenge for myself and finding ways to make it luvvly jubbly.

I ripped out my vintage book cover splash border aroung my tub. I found left over wood from our new deck and installed (ahem...glue gunned) a nice new/old border. After gluing some little wood ledges for candles, baking soda shampoo, my transistor radio and a whiskey bottle full of slumgullion (dick worthington used this slang for cooking up leftovers) bath was almost ready to go.

For a neck pillow I rubber banded some bubble wrap...waterproof and blooming comfty guessed it... I glue gunned it up.

Where ever I use candles, I like to use mirrors. I went through old make-up compacts and busted the mirrors out. A mirror that had broken (7 years of good luck) was perfect to piece/glue on the teak board with other misc. mirror pieces that are plain and not even special. Candlelight makes everything look good. Do not rule out the ordinary junk items when teamed with special stuff.

A lootah and a crochet scrub cloth are essential.

Have some soft music to make it calm and luvvly.

Do you do yoga stretches in the tub? My friend Cynthia taught me to do this. It really helps open up the spine.

Thank you for hearing about my new bathing routine.

Ta, xo J


  1. LUvely!! I like that green tub! I have the orange sink in my kitchen that would marry your tub if it could!! LOL!!!
    Happiness and Hugs!
    Cathy G

  2. Mirrors, candlelight, warm water, and bubbles...sounds good to me. I need to try the yoga in the tub!

  3. If you did all that today before we had lunch, well... You're simply super woman and my hero! It is all most luvvly. I took pictures of my treat basket to share later. Also, I think I'm going to crochet a little edge to some of that extra linen for a bath cloth. If it works out I'll be making one for you to use. Linen would look most charming in your inviting bath, and I agree that it would make a nice wash cloth. Such fun today sweet girl!!!