Thursday, December 29, 2011

A N N S T E W A R T.

Hello Jubblers, 

My very bestie's mother, Ann Stewart is 95 years old. She moved to our town years ago to be closer to her daughter. She is a self taught artist and a luvvly jubbly one at that. She has been well known for her Ukrainian eggs. For many years she created the most off the charts wicked little red riding hood (and other themed) dolls. Mine stands 4" tall at most. I will share a photo of her soon, I promise. She is hiding from me at the moment. (It is time for me to clean my work room)
Ann now spends her days in bed at a care center. She suffers from a lung condition and is in her last days. She only has use of her right hand (her dominant) and spends hours a day drawing.  Her thoughts, dreams and worries center around her drawings. 
When I was given one of her drawings I thought I might faint. It is a treasured peice that means the world to me.

Please enjoy this work of art by ANN STEWART.

( I took the liberty of adding my take on the drawing by using the word T I M E ....the braids and clothes pin. I simple adore the white bird...just luvvly)

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  1. I'm just too touched to comment. You're a doll!

    Love, love you!