Saturday, December 17, 2011

Find art in stuff you have.

Here is a photo of my mother holding her bear. In the foreground is a red board that displays 3 cross stitch pieces she made for pin cushions. I don't like pin cushions. Even though her head was always down looking at her work I still smile when I see these. She was able to block out life through her stitching. I am grateful she had that resource for her pain.

I am always very enamored with the reverse side of all things. I love wearing shirts and skirts inside out if the inside is more intersting than the outside. I always wear my socks inside out. I guess I love seams showing. The above image is the reserse side of a needlepoint piece I found recently. The loose thread ends and the knots intrigue me. It gives me a view of the hand work that went into the piece. When I started my HOBO line I always liked the inside of the pieces I created much better. Blooming barmy. Consider the reverse side of everything you look at. Investigate how it was made. 

These are my Dr. Martens ( I have had them for decades) men's boots that I wear all winter when it is wet or snowy. I was gutted when my shoe lace broke. I decided to call on the brown velvet for replacements. I fold the top of the boot down to make it shorter and more comfortable. The brown velvet creates a nice wrap around lace that makes them cozy. I have not cut these up yet.

I am off to meet son, Brook for coffee and go for a swim. I hope this finds you happy and smiling on this beautiful Saturday.

Ta, xo J

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  1. Jessy..... I have newish red dr martens that are oxfords. I can only now start wearing them because of "the foot issue". They are too new looking. What's the fastest way to un-new them? I need them softer for comfort. Yours are fabulous!