Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Things Pink.

Do you ever crave colors? I do. Pink is my it color today. Pink is family, roots, love and be loved.
My friends tease me because I wear men's pants and gray t-shirts and more gray t-shirts. PLAIN.
When I crave a color WATCH OUT.  Here is a slice of my day loving pink.

I love this pink vintage pin. I mainly look at it, not wear it. I may wear it Friday night when we share a meal with aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and Bob's your uncle.

I wore my pink slippers (thank you Pam P.) while I created with pink today. See pink wool that Dulcy gave me.

Pins and needles.

Here is another thing I did with my iron on transfer patterns. I am running out of them. No problem.

HOBO tights. Using a hot dry iron, cut strips of the transfer and press with a capital P. Turn over tights and overlap the transfer and randomly create a design. It does not have to make sense.
 The pink paper I have as my work surface is from my good friend Shawn Askinosie. He let me rummage and cart off anything I wanted from his Askinosie Chocolate storage building. I found this cool handmade, PINK tortilla paper from Ecuador. He bought it for packaging one of his (luvvly jubbly absolutely amazing) chocolate products. Thank you, Shawn.

Pin on wool or other knee patches for a HOBO style. Do a simple stitch to secure fabric.

Here is a poor cam snap of the patches on the tights that are empty of human legs. Very slumpy.

Next, have some Askinosie chocolate. Now you are into the best part of this sewing project.

Camera in hand, ready to go. 

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  1. Read all, and love it all! The tights are super cute with your girlie dress. And... Actually washing hair is next on today's list, so will try out the baking soda shampoo! My new altered, hoboed, dyed sweater is FINALLY dry, so getting ready to try it on.....