Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Honey, I shrunk the sweater.

Below is a luvvly dubbly sweater that I bought on bargain Sunday at D.A.V. It is obviously 3 sizes too small for me but it was calling out to me from the rack. The grossgrain ribbon backs the vintage buttons and the soft green wool is so yummy. I thought it could be morphed into a HOBO sweater, skirt, hat or tights so I bought it for $2.97.

                                            (so sorry, this is a terrible good point
                                             and shoot is at the camera hospital)

                                                        TRANSFOMATION below:

1. Lay 2 or 3 layers of towels out on your floor.
2. Plug your iron in and put it on H O T and steam setting.
3. With clean feet, step on one edge of the sweater (for instance the sleeve cuff).
4. With one hand grab (the shoulder, for instance)  and s t r e t c h the sweater.
5. With the other hand, iron like heck and as you stretch...over and over and you will witness the longer, wider, bigger transformation of every part of your sweater. You can actually stretch it TOO big if you are not careful.

Your sweater now looks funky, hobo, ragdoll, worn out, more vintage and super cute.

My sweater made me happy as I spent time in the dental chair that day.

Ta, xo J

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