Sunday, December 11, 2011

My side of the loo sink.

My luvvly hubby and I have shared a loo for 27 years. We share the bathtub too. We both kneel on a rug and drop our heads under the bathtub faucet to wash our hair. We have done this for 27 years too.
I sleep on the left side of the bed and stand to the right of the sink in the loo.
The brown crochet piece is what I pump the clear liquid soap (in the vintage pump jar) onto when I wash my face. I don't use exfoliants or special stuff on my skin. The small avocado green soap is one of the final pieces of a giant bar that I bought months ago for $5. The little wooden vintage scrub brush I use on my nails to remove glue, paint, get the picture. The Ball jar is what I drink water out of. The rubber plug is for when I want to dye or wash something in the sink. The smallish white cup is a candle holder that my bestie, Jana gave me. It holds my tooth brush. The white milk glass tray was given to me by my head band wearing, Aunt Nonie. The white plastic large pump holds many blends of body lotion that I have added together for a luvvly olfactory. The green terry cloth is torn from a large 70's bath towel.

Thank you for touring my very own loo.

Ta, xo J

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