Tuesday, December 27, 2011

T H A N K Y O U for thank you notes.

There are two luvvly jubbly things about Christmas being over.

1. I get to see my U.K. children very soon.
2. I love sending thank you notes.

My life is so blooming luvvly jubbly. I am showered with minimal gifts all the time. Food I can eat, drink I can guzzle, stuff I can use on my face and body, materials I can design with...bob's your uncle. I enjoy receiving dispensable things. My Aunt Edie taught me that when you get older it is better to get things that can be used and not just looked at.
Thank you notes are very important to me. I love showing the bestie how much I love them and their kind act.
It was such a thrill to get to send a note to my new posh daughter (i.l.).

Try to spend time on the envelope you send your note in. When they walk to the mailbox and see your trademark style it will be luvvly jubbly.
Try ordering postage stamps with a photo of something or some one you love as the the design. I adore my stamps with Ty and Kate standing on a bridge in my home town. The fond memory of the photo shoot that evening is one of my favorites.
Use a creative (found in your drawers) medium to write your note on. Kate flies professionally so I wrote her note on a paper airplane.

(I had the honor of designing the paper airplanes that were thrown at their wedding....WICKED)

If you have an old photo that you don't mind parting with, write a note on it.

Enclose a little something small that will mean something to your bestie. I enclosed a small cross stitch made by Kate's grandmother (i.l.), Marjorie Worthington.

Saying T H A N K  Y O U means so much to people. It is a little gift.

Ta ( a.k.a. thank you!) xo, J

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  1. Thank you notes is a lost art, and that's sad..... Great ideas to reuse and keep things fun and fresh. I think I'll make a couple this week! Also, on board with your wise aunt Edie. Consumable and reusable is where it's at!

    Love you,