Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello Jubblers.
 I want to introduce you to my bestie, Dulcy. I don't have the writing skills to even begin to describe her. The main thing I want you to know is that she is RENAISSANCE woman. She teaches yoga, hooks rugs, draws (oil pastel), designs/sews, teaches, cooks, knits like a rockstar, is raising her mother and brother through end of life and mental disease, she volunteers her time through library/literature (she was a school teacher and even taught her kids yoga!) and is mentor to many many women. I feel so honored to have her in my life. Below are luvvly cam snaps from her blog ......dulcysdoorstep@blogspot.com


                                                      HOBO COAT made from a past life
                                                                     teacher blazer

Dulcy has foxes in her back yard and captures them through many mediums. 

                                                The cam snaps tell it all. Isn't she a goddess?

Ta, xo J


  1. Dulcy is my hero and online mentor too! How blessed you are to be a close friend and be able to sip a cup of tea with a goddess!!
    Cathy G

  2. I love you, you sweetie!! What an honor, and I wish I knew this person myself!! Isn't it fun how blogging opens our world? Looking forward to lots of crafting arts and fun in our future. Oh.... I'm in my doc martens today. I stood them on their big rounded toes and stood on top of them to bend them more at the toe bendy part. I'm wearing them and stomping in the rain puddles when out and about. They're still a bit too stiff to be comfortable on my foot all day. Well... off to walk at the park before any rain sets in. Thanks again for such a sweet post you doll!

  3. I love Dulcy!! She is an inspiration! I also love and covet that blazer! I'm having fun following both of you and your blogging adventures!
    Cheers, ladies!!