Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twenty minute wool vintage jumper.

We are downtown having coffee at the library. I am wearing my 20 minute easy peasy wool jumper.

Here are the steps:

1. Find a cool gathered vintage skirt. Make certain it is roomy on you and has a zipper or buttons.
2. Tear the waistband off. This will open up the skirt and give you room to design.
3. Try to preserve the hem of the skirt.  Hold the piece up to your body like a jumper and look in the mirror.  Hold it with the original skirt HEM placed at the level you like it (above, at or below your knees). Identify where you should rip/tear the top/bust of the piece so it rests above your chest or below...wherever you like the top of your jumper to be.
4. You may want to make a seam up the back of your (now) jumper to fit nicely on your frame.
5. Using the excess fabric that you trimmed from the back cut/tear the straps for your jumper. Don't bother finishing the edges. Leaving them raw is a nice way to give your jumper a hobo look. If you didn't have fabric leftover from this piece, choose something from your sewing stash of trims, belts, straps etc.
6. Attatch the straps where you want them. Try a halter/apron strap design (that ties behind your neck) or criss-cross straps. Use your good ideas to design this. You have blooming fabulous ideas yourself!

I was lucky to have a button system on the skirt I selected. If yours has a zipper you can use it in the front or back (or even on the side).

Have fun making your easy peasy jumper.
Email me if you have any ?'s.

Ta, xo J

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