Monday, December 19, 2011

My 3 boyfriends and AMAZING Tammie.

My 3 boyfriends are blooming luvvly jubbly. I have known Cooper (left-age 7), Parker (blue hat-age 5) and Kembel (right-age 7) since they were born.
Their mom is a LONGGGG time bestie. She went through so much to birth her boys. When the twins were born (Coop and Kem) we about lost our minds. When Parker was born we knew a prince had arrived. I have had the pleasure of getting to be "Aunt Jessy the lady that does ART and sews for us" on a regular basis for 7 years.  They are the bees knees. I love them dearly.

Here is my last post about Christmas albums. I dedicate this post to Tammie (check out her cooool blog: She is a luvvly jubbly goddess that is very clever designer. Her best design has been her 4 children that she homeschools (her oldest daughter is 21 and lives in L.A.) and they are AMAZING. She is a prolific artist and writer. She loved my post about old albums. This one is for you, Tammie.

Find a vintage album of any kind for this gift. Reinforce the album sides leaving the right side open. It will serve as you ART STUFF container for kids. Embellish the front of the album if you must. Keep in mind it is now a organizer so go easy on it. If you have more than one child under your roof put their name on it.
Take the L.P. out and stretch rubber bands (3 or 4) around it. Now the fun starts. Tuck paper, cardboard, stickers, sticks, rocks,  cut outs, art paper, yarn, fabric, thread and needle, old post cards, pink paper for Valentines, photos, Bob's your uncle...under the rubber bands. The record is a hard, waterproof and stiff  surface so it keeps things safe and nice. Also use it for gluing or glittering on.

This album system also makes a nice sewing kit. The boyfriend's MOM gets one! I am always looking through her drawers to find stuff cursing her :)>.

Have fun finding rick/rack and funky stuff for this project in your own house. Remember the garage, the yard, the neighbor's yard and even under the sink.

Ta,xo J


  1. Your boyfriends are charming and thank you so much for the sweet compliments. Also, thank you for another great idea. I am going to tuck this idea away. It will be a perfect Christmas gift next year for my grand nieces and nephews. You are a genius!

  2. Having raised two boys...I can see the draw!! I'm so much better with the boys in my classroom, than the girls...I like the girls, but the boys...they keep me on my toes!